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Oct 16, 2021

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About Us (Formerly known as 'Funxion'):

At CANVUS our mission is to de-carbonize apparel + digitize your closet.

We're building the 'Amazon Kindle for Apparel' - instead of digital books, we sell sustainable digital apparel you can wear on the world's first erasable / re-printable Graphic T-Shirt. The CANVUS T is the most sustainable + customizable Graphic T in the world. You can print any design onto the CANVUS T in minutes vs waiting days for shipping. Wearing the CANVUS T lowers your carbon footprint by 12x and lowers your water footprint by 100x. We're starting with T-Shirts and will move toward other apparel + footwear categories.

Our Website:

Connect with us:

Product Promo:

CANVUS (formerly known as ‘Funxion') is a part of the prestigious Cyclotron Road deep-tech incubator out of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and is thus looking for talented researchers and builders who would like to apply their scientific and engineering backgrounds to real-world problems at the intersection of fashion + apparel + sustainability. It has also successfully gone through the Plug and Play Materials Accelerator (Batch 9) in Sunnyvale, CA and the On Deck Founder Fellowship.

CANVUS is generating revenue and has recently received an R&D contract grant so is looking to fill a Full-Time and a Part-Time position immediately. CANVUS is also raising private capital from investors.

Problem we are solving:

Humans have an inherent need to express themselves - whether it's for a cause you believe - your favorite sports team - your favorite artist - we all want to express our identities + be heard. One of the best ways we do that is through our Fashion + Apparel.

So how do we keep enjoying fashion + apparel without continuing to harm our planet? The $2 Trillion Fashion + Apparel industry contributes around 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions (1) + 20% of total industrial wastewater (dyeing + finishing) + contributes greatly to the growing micro-plastics problem, among other problems. If we don't change the way we produce + consume Fashion + Apparel the total contribution of greenhouse gases will increase from 5% to more than 10% by 2030 which is more than airline flying + maritime shipping combined (2, 3). Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity faces + one of the greatest economic opportunities in our generation.




Solution we are pursuing:

Re-imagining the entire business model + technology of producing + consuming apparel. We need the most talented + ambitious scientists + designers + community builders to help solve this problem in a way that delivers novel user experiences in a climate friendly way. Our first product is the ‘Kindle for Apparel' - the world's first erasable T-Shirt that's 300x more convenient to customize + 16x more sustainable than anything on the market today. Every time you download a new design you save 12,000 L of water + 3 kg of CO2e. Welcome to the Future of Apparel.

When we are successful:

- We will have decreased Fashion + Apparel emissions by 50%
- We will have created the largest virtual clothing store in the world
- We will have enabled infinite expression

This opportunity is for people who:

* Have a HIGH RISK TOLERANCE - they can see a better future + want to help build it + can tolerate the ups and downs of life + grow exponentially into world-class innovators
* Looking to be a part of a talented + innovative + creative team that moves fast + finds meaning from solving big problems the world is facing + producing products that people will love and tell their friends + families about
* Want to pursue GREATNESS. Full-stop.
* Want to ‘change-the-world' and will work-hard to make it happen but are flexible to adapting to wearing many ‘hats'

This opportunity is NOT for people who:

* Who need a stable + well-paying job (we have deep compassion for those in need of financial stability as we are in the same situation but $ is not at all our motivator for this company - when we are successful $ will be a successful byproduct).
* Who need consistent direction + mentorship + need to be told what to do + how to do it
* Want stability in their job (early-stage start-ups have shifting priorities which is great for velocity but not so great if you're someone who likes certainty - our experience tells us that uncertainty breeds innovation :D)

Who we are looking for:

* Someone with a fire in their eyes who wants to pursue massive impact + help build a legendary company
* Someone who is willing to live the ‘ramen + instant coffee' lifestyle for a bit before we raise venture capital
* Someone who is deeply passionate about the intersection of climate change + fashion + apparel

Ideal Candidates:

Ideal candidates will be either graduating PhD candidates that have already passed their thesis defense or current PhD-level Post-Docs looking to work at an innovative and high-growth technology start-up with big ambitions. We are also comfortable with candidates on OPT, green cards, or candidates that already have US citizenship. When unsure we still recommend applying if you believe you're a good fit.

Job Description for R&D:

Ideal backgrounds include: chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science & engineering, electrical engineering, and the like. Our work crosses chemistry, materials science, opto-electronics, and wearable technology. Our company operates like a Silicon Valley tech start-up and is fast-paced.

Work Expectations:

* Strong chemistry (synthetic / organic) background with demonstrated lab skills (preferred)
* Familiar with dye chemistry synthesis / molecular synthesis (synthesis of dyes for biological imaging, coloring of materials, photochromic / photo-activated dyes, etc)
* Ability to learn new technical fields fast and can achieve technical milestones with very little supervision (much like PhD-level researchers)
* Can take leadership and order materials, supplies, and the like and talk to suppliers and partners while handling R&D milestones
* Familiar with materials synthesis + nanomaterial synthesis + polymer synthesis + processing + surface modification and characterization (XRD, XPS, UV-Vis, FTIR, etc) in a lab environment (ie, chemical fume hoods, etc)
* Willing to learn how to make wearable device prototypes for characterization (ie, durability according to industry standards, etc)
* Are in a Doctorate (PhD, DSc, etc), a Masters (MS, ME, etc) program in either Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, Fiber & Polymer Science, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, or the like and have demonstrated adequate research skills via publications, patents, or the like
* Are really good at lab-based experimental roles but can quickly meet deadlines + change direction based on data + has a multi-disciplinary perspective on how real-life science works


* Full time positions (40 hrs / week)
* Additional openings for Part-time positions (ie, minimum 20 hrs / week, etc) with competitive stipends (ie, ideal for MS/PhD candidates, etc)
* Get a paid opportunity to contribute to a real-world product that's already generating revenue in the market + contribute to commercial success as part of a small but fast-paced team
* Gain leadership + project management + product development + market research skills
* Work on the cutting-edge technologies that will define the future of fashion + apparel + sustainability + wearables

The candidate will be expected to commute to the company's new lab site in Houston, TX at University of Houston Tech Bridge but accommodations can be made on a case-by-case basis.

All interested candidates should submit their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and a note via email as to why they'd be an ideal candidate (feel free to be creative) to Raj Bhakta, PhD (Founder + CEO) at:




Given the small team, you may not receive a reply for your submission unless there is a good fit. We hope you don't take this as an offense to your application submission. Best of luck :)
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