Environmental Health and Safety Officer

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Touro University California
Vallejo, California, US
Sep 12, 2021
Sep 21, 2021
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Full time
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The Environmental Health and Safety Officer will assure the implementation and monitoring of Touro University California's Health and Safety Plans and Policies across all departments, programs and services within the Institution. The Environmental Health and Safety Officer is involved in the coordination or development, where necessary, of the Institution's Health and Safety Plans including, Emergency Preparedness, Occupational Health and Safety, Institutional Biosafety and Chemical Hygiene Plan and Security. These plans will include the implementation and monitoring of training and safety programs for all staff and faculty in Clinical Services, Research, Teaching facilities, and Institutional Facilities services. The EH&S Officer will work with TUC's Committees on safety matters and the Institutional Biosafety Officer to ensure Institutional plans and documentation for safety are documented and distributed. The EH&S Officer will ensure that training programs of each division are developed, monitored and maintained for all faculty and staff.


Develop, implement and monitor TUC Health and Safety policy, programs, and procedures across the Institution.

Assist TUC in complying with current health and safety legislation and/or regulations with the objective of ensuring that all reasonable and proper measures are taken to protect the health and safety of students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Increase health and safety awareness at all levels within the Institution.

Develop occupational health and safety systems, including policies, Injury and Illness Prevention plan, procedures and manuals.

Act as liaison in the coordination of operations and plans of TUC's committees on safety matters including the Safety Committee, Institutional Biosafety and Chemical/Lab Safety Plan, Emergency Management Group, Campus Security, and other committees as applicable.

Coordinate with the Human Resources Department to develop and deliver required safety training for each employment position at TUC, and a system to maintain records confirming the appropriate training and its updating.

Coordinate the investigation and reporting all serious/critical personal injury accidents occurring to students, staff and/or visitors to the appropriate senior official, and to assist in the investigation of all accidents/incidents that result in substantial damage to TUC vehicles and property.

Ensure safety inspections of the appropriate type are conducted on all TUC facilities and appropriate records are maintained.

Leads health and safety training and testing, and ensures compliance in the University Research Laboratories.

Directs the development, implementation, and maintenance of campus environmental health and safety programs, including hazardous waste management, chemical and laboratory safety, radiation safety, and all aspects of the University's industrial hygiene plan.

Coordinate the training of personnel in areas of safety, including first aid, CPR, accident prevention and investigation, work place inspections and other matters related to implementing safety procedures within the Institution.

Assures that Hazardous Waste Manifest, Material Safety Data Sheets, etc. are correctly processed promptly, and all records maintained in the specified locations and the central file management system.

Coordinate registration and removal of hazardous waste, including hazardous chemical and biological wastes, for all programs and facilities within the Institution.

Investigates industrial hygiene concerns and exposures of employees, students, etc., and University departments and schools operations relating to hazardous substances, noise, light, and environmental stresses; makes recommendations on the same.

Performs research studies of hazardous materials and develops University-wide programs to ensure standardization of control and disposal procedures.

Leads health and safety training, environmental testing, and compliance in the University Cadaver Laboratory.

Liaise with Vallejo Fire and Police Departments, Solano County, and State Emergency planners, update plans, organize exercises and evaluate emergency procedures.

Assist TUC in meeting all state and federal guidelines regarding fire drills and fire drill training.

Assures the accomplishment of inspection and testing of fire extinguishers, sprinkler and annunciation systems, eyewash stations, emergency showers, fire pumps, fume hoods, exit lights, emergency lights and generators, life safety egresses, etc.

Conducts, in cooperation with class schedules, fire drills, evacuation drills, and other related drills to help ensure both compliance and staff/student familiarity with expectations and best practices in safety.

Manages the annual EHS operating budget. Performs work flow analyses, studies possible sources of cost reduction and/or control, and performs operational budget forecasting. Oversees all departmental outsourced service vendor contracts.

Conduct safety program audits and inspections according to established audit practices; communicate audit results, and develop and track corrective actions

Maintain environmental permits and apply for new ones as required.

Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor's degree in Safety Engineering, Environmental Health science, or a related area. Master's Degree in Environmental Health Science or related field preferred. May substitute relevant work experience for educational equivalency (2 years of work experience for each year of education)


At least 5 years full-time experience in Higher Education Safety in a supervisory or managerial capacity prior to assuming the duties of EH&S Officer, OR at least 7 years full time experience in Higher Education Safety in any capacity.

At least 8 years full time experience in the safety profession if no higher education experience is evident.

Prior, qualified experience that will ensure expert technical guidance and direction in the development and implementation of all provisions of an effective and safe chemical hygiene plan is also necessary.

Extensive knowledge and experience with chemistry laboratory, and animal laboratory procedures as well as research at an institution of higher education will be valuable.

Skills & Abilities:

Demonstrated effectiveness and clarity of verbal and written communication with excellent interpersonal communication and phone manners.

Must handle all activities and highly confidential information with patience, discretion, tact, and a keen eye for detail while working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Must have the ability to interact effectively and efficiently with faculty, staff, and students.

Must have exceptional organizational, time management and communication skills to complete work with accuracy and attention to detail.

Work independently with minimal supervision; is goal oriented, responsible, professional in demeanor, able to multitask and meet deadlines.

Competency in use of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.