Microbiology Technician

Fluid Screen, Inc.
Beverly, Massachusetts, US
Sep 03, 2021
Sep 18, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
Job Description
Fluid-Screen is seeking a Microbiology Technician to join the team full-time in our Beverly MA lab. Do you envision yourself working with cutting edge technology? Do you thrive in high growth, fast-paced environment? If so, then this is the opportunity for you.

The Microbiology Technician is responsible for ensuring the day to day activities of the lab are running smoothly and supporting staff.

Requirements & Qualifications:

Qualifications include a Bs in Microbiology with at least 5 years of related experience is required. Experience from other life science fields will be a plus. Knowledge of BSL2 laboratory is essential.

This candidate will be required to:
1. Perform experiments in biosafety level 2 (BSL2) laboratory

2. Maintain and culture microorganisms as necessary

3. Maintain lab equipment such as pipettes, water bath-sonicator, centrifuges and thermometers, incubators, refrigerators, freezers
4. Conduct database management and sample logging

5. Assist to manage inventory and supplies

6. Closely cooperate with microbiology and engineering team to assist/run experiments on Fluid-Screen Systems

Minimum Required Skills:

- Experience in microbiology
- Skilled in microbial culture
- Sterile technique and handling/growing bacteria/molds/yeast in BSL2 laboratory

- Hands-on filtration method
- Hands-on plate enumeration, bacteria counting techniques, and microbial staining techniques

- Must have excellent organizational, verbal communication and technical documentation skills

- Solid computer skills

- Knowledge of safe laboratory practices, including the proper procedures in handling reagents and samples

- Must be a team player with integrity and concern about the quality of Fluid-Screen products

- The candidate must be self-motivated, enthusiastic about science, highly organized, flexible, and preferably has experience working in a team environment
- Experience in working with bacteria, molds, and yeast
- The candidate should be able to perform routine tasks involved in running a microbiology laboratory including knowledge of routine sterile techniques and basic safety procedures in BSL1 and BL2 laboratory
- The candidate must demonstrate ability to execute experiments based on Fluid-Screen protocols (SOP's), analyze data, interpret results and report findings to the supervisor
- A basic knowledge of biochemistry/molecular biology will be an advantage
- The candidate should be comfortable asking questions and interacting with others, especially when seeking advice on topics that they are unfamiliar with.
Company DescriptionFluid-Screen is revolutionizing the way to analyze bacteria. We challenge the status quo, bacterial culture, which has been a standard for quality assurance in the pharma industry for over 130 years.

At Fluid-Screen, we believe that people and companies make better decisions when they have access to the right information. These decisions impact their health, the well-being of their families, and enable companies to work more efficiently.

Our microchip technology provides information about bacteria present in fluid samples in minutes instead of days. Over the last five years, Fluid-Screen has been developing partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies through pilot programs. These programs have enabled us to identify cutting edge applications of our technology. With 7 million USD raised to date through Series A round financing, our immediate goal is to bring our product to market that will fundamentally improve the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.