Senior Scientist, IPSC Biology

Century Therapeutics, LLC
Middle West, Pennsylvania, US
Jul 18, 2021
Jul 24, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
Position Title: Senior Scientist

Reports to: Senior Director, IPSC Biology and Process Optimization

Department Name: Cell Engineering

Company Background:

Century Therapeutics is developing novel allogeneic living cell products for oncology that overcome the limitations of current cell therapies. Century's genetically-engineered, universal iPSC-derived immune effector cell products are designed to specifically target hematologic and solid tumor cancers. Our commitment to developing off-the-shelf cell therapies will expand patient access and provide an unparalleled opportunity to advance the course of cancer care.

Century's foundational technology is built on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that have unlimited self-renewing capacity. This enables complex cellular engineering to produce controlled cell banks of modified cells that can be expanded and differentiated into desired immune effector cells, which can supply vast amounts of allogeneic, homogeneous therapeutic products. This platform differentiates Century from other approaches that utilize non-renewable donor-derived cells.


The Senior Scientist will utilize their experience and knowledge to design, execute research and development activities focused on engineered cell therapy technologies, with a focus on reprograming of human immune cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Key responsibilities include, but are not limited to: serving as a subject matter expert and lab support for the generation, growth, maintenance and optimization of iPSC cultures and their differentiation into various immunological lineage cells (including T Cells and NK Cells) ; design and execution of strategies to optimize iPSC growth characteristics and their differentiation into various immunological cells with a focus toward manufacturing; and interacting with research and CMC teams focused on engineered cell therapy platform development. Experience with handling cell lines under GMP conditions is desired.


Research and thought leadership on iPSC platform development and optimization, in particular the generation of IPSC cells through reprogramming of human immune cells

Support the development of therapies focused on engineered immune cells

Identify original, nascent solutions to address key scientific challenges required for platform success

Maintenance of laboratory notebooks for proper documentation of all research activities

Deliver reports, summaries, and presentations supporting experimental results

  • PhD degree in biology, chemistry or related field with 5+ years of experience iPSC biology and differentiation protocols (preferably to immune lineages) and in a premier industry or academic environment

  • Experience with IPSC cell generation
  • Extensive experience with mammalian cell culture at small and large scales
  • Exposure to cutting-edge cell engineering techniques
  • Experience using Sendai virus and Episomal vectors for reprogramming is highly desirable
  • Ability to independently propose, design, execute and report research projects
  • Functional experience in molecular and cellular biology and assay development
  • Working knowledge of protein biochemistry and basic gene editing technologies
  • Understanding of basic flow cytometry or cell imaging technologies
  • Robust experience developing and implementing laboratory best practices and regulations
  • Outstanding collaborative and communication skills

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