Environmental Compliance Manager

Danvers, Massachusetts, US
Jul 10, 2021
Aug 07, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
Job Description

Responsible for regulatory compliance at our Danvers, MA and Clearwater, FL facilities. Works in conjunction with the EHS Manager- NA and Danvers facility Safety Specialist to contribute to a safe work environment.


· Keeps up to date on compliance issues concerning local, state, national and international regulations and works with EHS Manager -NA and leadership team to implement appropriate policies and procedures. Conducts audits to ensure that organization and government standards on environmental health and safety are met. Communicates with leadership team and keeps them abreast of any pending regulatory regulations that can impact the business.

· Collects samples (air and storm water) as required to comply with various regulations and facility permits. Evaluates operations and makes recommendations to reduce waste and pollution.

· Collects and analyzes data and submits reports to maintain compliance with insurance company, local fire regulations/permit, OSHA, DEP, Title-V air permit, RCRA (LQG), SARA 312/311 Tier II, South Coast AQMD (Product Reports), Storm Water Discharge, SWPPP, SARA 313 (TRI), TURP, MACT, GHG, EU REACH and EPA regulations.


· Collaborates with EHS Manager - NA and Danvers Safety Specialist in the creation of product SDS.

· Active member of:

o emergency response team and responds to in-house emergencies.

o divisional and platform EHS teams.

o Danvers process safety management (OSHA PSM) team.

· Provides back-up to Safety Specialist when needed.

· Coordinates waste pick-ups, conducts weekly inspections and maintains manifests/records.

· Provides guidance and counsel to employees at all levels concerning regulatory compliance, proper work procedures and the handling of chemicals.

· Trains new and current personnel on environmental topics (RCRA, storm water, etc) and confirms employees' understanding through tests and audits.

· Evaluates products and their associated chemicals so that they can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of safely.

· Works with Sales, Marketing, Technical Service and Customer Service to provide customers information on the safe handling and disposal of chemical products.

· Responds to customer inquiries on regulations related to our products such as EU REACH, VOC, RoHS, Calif Prop 65, Canada DSL, etc).

· Works with EHS Manager - NA in developing and adhering to the EH&S budget.

· Promotes, supports and adheres to all safety, environmental and quality related policies and procedures.