Research Assistant, Cell and Developmental Biology

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Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee, US
Jul 02, 2021
Aug 06, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
The research assistant is part of the laboratory of Dr. Rebecca Ihrie at Vanderbilt University and is a key individual contributor responsible for supporting research efforts of senior lab personnel. This position will include preparation of rare biological samples, execution of cell biology experiments, and production and analysis of multidimensional imaging and cytometry data. Reporting directly to the principal investigator (Dr. Ihrie), the research assistant will be expected to complete experiments, data analysis, and preparation of data figures together with senior laboratory members and the principal investigator.
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Duties and Responsibilities
The research assistant will complete scientific experiments, data analysis, and preparation of data figures, including the following:
- Care for and treat research models, including injections using a stereotaxic apparatus
- Dissect and prepare sections of brain tissue and complete histological staining
- Assist with mouse model husbandry
- Prepare dissociated cells for flow cytometry analyses, including mass cytometry
- Image tissue sections and cultured cells using standard and confocal fluorescence microscopy
- Deploy computational analysis pipelines (ImageJ, R) to analyze cytometry data
- Prepare figures using research data
- Discuss data and next steps at weekly all-hands meetings
- Complete ordering, organization, and inventory maintenance of lab stocks
- Assist in equipment and lab maintenance (inspections, certifications, repairs, purchases)
- Assist in training for rotating graduate student and undergrad research projects
- Bachelor's degree in scientific discipline (awarded or expected) is necessary.
- Specific experience in rodent brain injection and animal model surgery is strongly preferred.
- Experience in tissue sectioning for research histology is strongly preferred.
- Experience in immunostaining analyses of brain is strongly preferred.
- Experience in semiautomated microscopy image analysis (CellProfiler, Zeiss Zen, Neurolucida, or Fiji/ImageJ) is strongly preferred.
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