Environmental Research Laboratory Assistant

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Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Inc.
Ada, Oklahoma, US
Jun 28, 2021
Aug 03, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
The EPA National Student Services Contract has an immediate opening for a full time Environmental Research Laboratory Assistant position with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Ada, OK.

The Office of Research and Development at the EPA supports high-quality research to improve the scientific basis for decisions on national environmental issues and help EPA achieve its environmental goals. Research is conducted in a broad range of environmental areas by scientists in EPA laboratories and at universities across the country.

What the EPA project is about

The Center for Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response (CESER) plans, coordinates and conducts an applied, customer-driven, national research and development program to improve decision making by EPA, federal, state, tribal and local agencies, when faced with challenging environmental problems in the built environment. Within CESER, the Groundwater Characterization & Remediation Division (GCRD) plans, coordinates and conducts an applied, national-scale, customer-driven research program to provide data, tools, models, strategies, and technologies to protect and restore groundwater.

To support these activities, GCRD laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation for chemical characterization of ground water and surface water. The analytical function of the Division is critical to supporting the research and technical assistance mission of the laboratory. This project involves analytical support for the analysis of water and aquifer samples to support research to protect ground water and surface water resources, possible field support for collection of samples, and additional project support as needed.

What experience and skills will you gain?

As a team member you will assist laboratory personnel with sample log-in, preparation, and analysis, data verification, data archival, glassware washing, and general tasks associated with laboratory maintenance. You will be trained by ORD laboratory personnel to perform these tasks. Primary duties will include log in/receipt of samples, preparing samples for analysis, glassware washing processes, data management, and general laboratory maintenance. Administrative tasks will consist of quality control review and archival of data.

Depending upon experience, you may be trained and pass a proficiency test on analytical equipment, sample preparation, and standard operating procedures for specific equipment. Analytical equipment may include Hach Lachat Flow Injection Analysis, Dionex Ion Chromatograph, Agilent Capillary Electrophoresis System, Shimadzu TOC-L Carbon Analyzer, Phoenix 8000 Carbon Analyzer, Agilent 7890 Green House Gas GC, and Picarro Ring-down spectrometer.

The team member will maintain careful and accurate records in a laboratory notebook, following the requirements of an approved quality assurance project plan (QAPP), document electronic file contents and locations, and will make entries as necessary into permanent laboratory instrument logbooks. These notebooks and all other data produced under this order will be the property of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. You will receive training on basic safety requirements before beginning work in the laboratory.

The team member will meet with the mentor at least once per week to discuss progress of assigned tasks, problems encountered, and assignment of new tasks.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Work Experience, and Education
  • Experience with general laboratory techniques, such as using pipets, balances, preparation of solutions, etc.;
  • Documented course work with laboratory credit in chemistry;
  • Physical ability to lift up to 50 pounds;
  • Demonstrated experience with Microsoft Word and Excel;
  • Proficiency in oral and written communication; and
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently.

Location:This job will be located EPA's facility in Ada, OK.

Salary: Selected applicant will become a temporary employee of ORAU and will receive an hourly wage of $21.80 for hours worked.

Hours: Full-time

Travel: Limited travel may be required

Expected start date: The position is full time and expected to begin July 2021. The selected applicant will become a temporary employee of ORAU working as a contractor to EPA. The initial project is through May 14, 2022, with up to 3 additional option periods.

For more information, contact EPAjobs@orau.org . Do not contact EPA directly.

  • Be at least 18 years of age and
  • Have earned at least a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, physics, chemistry, geology, soil science, ecology, environmental science, environmental engineering, or a closely related scientific field of study from an accredited university or college within the last 24 months and
  • Be a citizen of the United States of America or a Legal Permanent Resident.

EPA ORD employees, their spouses, and children are not eligible to participate in this program.