Lifeguard - Papio Bay Aquatic Center

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Papillion, Nebraska, US
Jun 25, 2021
Jul 27, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
POSITION TITLE: Lifeguard/Swim Lesson Instructor

REPORTS TO: Aquatic Park Manager, Assistant Aquatic Park Manager


Responsible for providing effective and comprehensive swimming instructions following the guidelines of the American Red Cross instruction program. Also responsible for maintaining a safe and orderly pool environment and for attending to swimmers in need of assistance.

An incumbent will be required to work varied hours during the week including evenings and weekends.


Responsible for teaching swimming lessons in accordance with the procedures outlined by the American Red Cross; provides guidance to swim lesson aides assisting with the course.

Completes required course records and reports, and issues individual's course completion certificates.

Monitors and evaluates the progress of individuals participating in swim lessons by utilizing corrective feedback and addressing problems as they arise.

Provides a safe environment for swimming lesson participants; ensures that the teaching and practice areas are free from hazards and that the materials/equipment is safe for use.

Creates a non-threatening environment by encouraging participants to meet course objectives.

Responsible for adhering to and enforcing pool rules and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment; refers individuals who fail to comply with regulations to the supervisor.

Monitors designated areas of responsibility for potential hazards, accidents and safety concerns; reports all hazards and incidents to the supervisor immediately. Areas of responsibility may include but are not limited to the pool deck, diving equipment, water slide equipment, general pool areas, etc.

Remains alert and continually monitors those individuals swimming in the pool, water slide and diving areas; assists and/or rescues individuals who are in danger.

Administers first aid, CPR and/or other life saving techniques until no longer needed or until relieved by a supervisor or emergency medical personnel.

Maintains a safe and clean pool environment by assisting with custodial duties in the pool bathhouse, concessions and general pool area.

Attends weekly staff meetings and participates in employee training sessions as required.

Responsible for adhering to departmental policies regarding hygiene, health, safety and sanitation procedures.

Assists with evacuating the pool due to medical and pool emergencies.

Observes guests entering the pool area to ensure that they are in proper bathing attire; refuses entry to individuals in an unclean condition or with open cuts or sores.

Assists in the orientation of new pool members and/or guests.

Refers citizen complaints to the supervisor for resolution.

Fills in for other employees as needed.

Establishes and maintains positive public relations with community groups, the general public, and other employees.


Performs other duties as directed or as the situation dictates.


Knowledge of and the ability to apply safety rules and precautions related to swimming pool operations.

Knowledge of and the ability to apply techniques utilized in the American Red Cross or YMCA lifesaving certification, CPR and basic first aid.

Knowledge of and ability to apply and teach swimming skills and techniques to the general public and to adapt teaching techniques to the age, experiences, ability and culture of the participants.

Ability to organize a swim class environment in order to enhance individual and group performance and to minimize distraction.

Ability to learn ci

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