Lead Strategist, Reading Experience

Lake Oswego, Oregon, US
Jun 04, 2021
Aug 13, 2021
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Full time
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Who We Are
Many tweens and teens no longer read, at all, unless they are forced to do so in school settings. The drivers of this drop off are many but clearly the wave of technological innovation that has occurred in the last few decades is a major factor. The pull of screens is extreme - we all feel it. We know that less reading and more screen time create a negative "compounding interest" effect. With each passing year the risk of kids falling behind academically and failing to develop the skills they will need for future success increases.
The statistics on reading are scary and accelerating fast in the wrong direction. Only 1/3 of 13 year-olds are daily readers. Only 16% of 12th graders read a book or magazine daily in 2016, down from 60% in the 1970s. 32% of 15-17 year-olds didn't read a single book over the Summer in 2018, up from 22% just two years prior in 2016. 60% of teens do not read at grade level.
It's a similar story when it comes to screen time. Only 5% of teens are meeting recommended guidelines for sleep, exercise and screen time (guidelines for screen use are less than 2 hours of exposure to screen-based digital media in a 24 hour period). And, we know heavy screen use (more than 4 hours per day) drives much higher rates of depression and anxiety - particularly among girls.
Rapidly accelerating screen time, less and less time spent reading....trends that are setting our kids up to struggle academically and professionally. The "muscles" they will all need (patience and focus, curiosity, language and communication) are atrophying or failed to develop from the start.

Our Vision
We believe the path to reversing these very difficult and troubling trends is through restarting (or creating for the first time) a joy for reading in kids. Kids' experience with reading shouldn't just be a "requirement" from teachers or "chore" dictated by parents. We believe we can create a "Reading Experience" that connects kids with great books that interest and excite them while at the same time connecting them with other kids and engaged expert staff to change the experience of reading from what for most kids is a "work-like" solitary exercise. One big component of the experience will be a classic "book club" format where kids connect to other kids reading the same book and discuss it together. Another angle will connect kids to discuss different books focusing on a common topic (climate change, racism, historical events, etc.). All groups will be curated and led by enthusiastic highly engaged staff. The connections forged in these groups will be built on top of a deep underlying focus on finding what interests each kid when he/she joins the program. When kids find a book that grabs them the world begins to change. They seek out similar books on their own, they learn often unexpected things (science, history, culture, life lessons and trials). And, pleasure reading builds skills that are critical for future success; focus, patience, language, curiosity and initiative.

The Opportunity
This contract role will be a critical partner in bringing the Co-Founder's vision to market. He/She will work closely with the Co-Founders to refine the Book Summer curriculum and staffing model as the organization evolves from concept to pilot. This is very much an early stage start-up opportunity. An opportunity to help develop, refine and deliver on a strategic vision to get kids more excited about reading.

What You'll Do
Act as a critical thought-partner, providing strategic counsel, vision and guidance building a healthy and productive team that is aligned with the priorities of the organization. Help develop and refine the reading experience (moderator hiring, training and evaluation, online capabilities and development) and (in an extended engagement scenario) help evaluate key stakeholder satisfaction (kids enrolled, parents, moderators) and practice continuous improvement to refine the experience over time.

How to Apply
We are now accepting applications for this position, which will be reviewed on a rolling basis. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Scott Schroeder (Co-Founder) at scottschro@msn.com


  • Position Type: Part-time
  • Positions Available: 1
Job Category: Seasonal/Other Opportunities > Summer Camps/Programs
Job Requirements
  • Who You Are and What You Bring
    You are a trained education professional with minimum 5 years teaching experience and a Bachelor's degree (Masters preferred but not required) in a relevant education-related discipline. You are passionate about books, kids' reading and education. You are excited by the idea of joining an early stage start up with potential but also limited resources and a great deal of ambiguity still to be addressed. You are confident at the prospect of owning large-scale projects end-to-end, particularly in situations with high levels of ambiguity. And, you are a trained education professional with 10+ years of experience

    What We Offer
    Book Summer is an early stage start-up. This is a contract position, however, as the organization grows we envision many roles developing with full time salary and the potential for equity participation post Pilot stage.
  • At least 10 years of relevant experience preferred
  • Bachelor degree preferred
  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required
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  • Scott Schroeder
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