Biology Expert 1

Integrated Resources, Inc
Temecula, California, US
Jun 04, 2021
Jun 17, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
Job title:Biology expert 1
Job duration:6+months
Job location:Temecula,CA

  • All roles related to the clinical and non-clinical development of competitive products and solutions. Activities include, all aspects of research, technology development, product development, solution development and testing.
  • Initiates, directs and executes scientific research and/or development related to Biology, Biochemistry and Virology.
  • Investigates feasibility applying a wide variety of scientific principles and concepts to inventions, products, and problems.
IMPACT: Impacts the results of own team with own contributions.

COMPLEXITY: Performs routine assignments using existing procedures OR works autonomously within established procedures and practices that require knowledge of concepts and procedures within a job discipline OR specialized technical expertise within an analytical/scientific method or operational process.

ACCOUNTABILITY/ INDEPENDENCE: Accountable for the quality of own work. Receives instruction, guidance and direction from more senior level roles.

EXPERIENCE: Typically graduate background with little professional experience. Non-graduate jobholders require a substantial amount of professional experience and additional qualifications that also provides exposure to fundamental theories, principles and concepts.

EXPERIENCE: Typically reports to a Manager role, Project Manager role for a defined period of time based on organizational set-up (there is not necessarily a difference in role level between a manager and its direct reports - same level or lower level reporting is possible, provided job Product and responsibilities are clearly distinct); typically no direct reports.

BS or AS degree and 1-2 yrs experience, or HS Diploma/equivalent and 5+ yrs experience