Environmental Specialist - RSO/Air

North American Stainless
Ghent, Kentucky, US
May 13, 2021
May 14, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
This position is responsible for oversight of company's environmental programs to protect public health, and the environment by utilizing proactive loss control techniques and program integration into the proper levels of management to increase profitability, protect operational integrity, and ensure public confidence and indirectly protect NAS from criminal and financial liability. While knowledge and assistance are required for all environmental affairs, this position focuses on air and radiation safety compliance.


  • Interprets, disseminates, and meets the reporting requirements for local, state, and federal environmental protection laws within the area of responsibility. Provides technical expertise to management in these areas as to methods of compliance.
  • Conducts inspections, audits, surveys, interviews, and meetings to assess compliance and resolve environmental issues. This is to include the weekly inspection of a mill for BMP, SPCC, and RCRA compliance.
  • Assesses feedback, criticism, and program failures or short-comings to upgrade and continually improve programs and programming activities to achieve the most effective programs economically feasible.
  • Provides technical input and review of proposed facility modifications and other aspects connected with change, expansion, or modification to ensure new construction projects and process changes comply with all applicable environmental requirements necessary to afford the highest level of protection of the environment and protection against possible enforcement actions.
  • Attends seminars, conferences and maintains membership in professional organizations to remain current with regulatory changes and trends for compliance and professional development in order to assure the best approach of controlling the loss of NAS resources.
  • Maintains a good-faith relationship with regulatory agencies, develops defense strategies to prevent contest or mitigate enforcement action by regulatory bodies in order to protect the public image and financial resources.
  • Participates in local activities, maintains continual contact with community leaders, conducts tours and presentations to ensure that proper public and customer perception is maintained with respect to commitment and quality of environment programs.
  • Acts as the Radiation Safety Office for the facility and is responsible for:
    • Implementation of the radiation protection program to ensure raw materials are free from radioactive sources and worker exposure levels are ALARA.
    • Semi-annual swipe test and audit of radiation sources
    • Distribution, collection, and review of radiation dosimeters
    • Annual training for radiation safety
    • Tracking of rejected raw materials (due to radiation levels) including obtaining approvals to return materials to the original supplier
    • Completion of Low-Level Radioactive Waste Report
    • Completion of X-Ray Registration and payments
    • Review and updates of Radioactive Material License.
    • Track instrument calibrations.
  • Acts as Air Compliance/Permitting Coordinator and is responsible for:
    • Compilation and review of all air monitoring data
    • Development of monthly emission summary/compliance reports by 28th of each month for the previous month
    • Development of reports to KDAQ as required by air permit including
      • Stack test protocols and reports
      • Maintenance and Calibration Records
      • Annual emission inventories and payments
      • Construction, start-up, and initial compliance demonstrations
      • Risk management provisions
    • GHG Reporting
    • Review and update air permit necessary

  • Completes the TRI Reporting as required under SARA
  • Provides information on requirements, recommendations on actions to protect NAS management from potential criminal and financial liabilities associated with environmental protection.
  • Analyzes and formats data such as costs in terms of dollars, manpower, enforcement actions, and waste minimization activities. Keeps management apprised of meeting permit limits, environmental performance, and legal requirements.
  • Meets with the President, management, and employees on a regular basis concerning issues/problems within the area of responsibility. Advises the VP of Operations and management of conditions or situations that may adversely impact NAS operations - recommends actions to alleviate problems.
  • Applies for and ensures all permits are obtained within the area of responsibility and outlines plans to maintain compliance.
  • Has functional authority throughout the company for environmental compliance.
  • Oversees the activities of the outside contractors to ensure compliance with environmental policies, regulations, and laws.
  • Coordinates and communicates regularly with VP of Operations management and employees concerning environmental.
  • Has extensive external relationships and involvement with regulatory agencies; local, state, and federal representatives; and local community organizations.


  • Performs other duties as assigned by Environmental Manager


  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering or related field is desired.
  • Minimum of seven to ten years experience in a manufacturing environment and regulatory compliance.


Must be capable of quickly responding to emergency situations, and coordinating remedial activities.

Position involves low physical impact-related activities, an abundance of walking throughout the site

Must be able to sit performing extended lengths of time at a computer.

Visual ability with or without correction.


Work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations.

Follow Company safety rules.

Report the absence or defect in any protective equipment or clothing to the Supervisor or Manager immediately

Use or wear equipment, protective devices, or clothing that is required to be used or worn:

o Safety shoes

o Safety glasses

o Hard hat

o Hearing protection

o Maintain a clean and safe work area.

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