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Seattle, Washington, US
May 03, 2021
Jun 27, 2021
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Hanson Professional Services Inc. is seeking ideal candidates who have past experience supporting Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster recovery efforts or have experience in professional disciplines incidental to disaster recovery with a preferred background in engineering, science or archaeology. We are looking for consultants who are available to join our team for future deployment to locations affected by natural disasters.

Hanson has been supporting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on disaster response and recovery assignments by providing engineering evaluations of damaged public infrastructure, cost estimates, debris monitoring, and environmental services.

Performing FEMA Public Assistance is a noble undertaking and great opportunity to give back. You will work helping communities, schools, cities, hospitals, libraries, departments of transportation and organizations recover from disasters. FEMA PA provides you with an opportunity to see how cities and state agencies can work with you to help them secure grants and rebuild. You will be an integral and essential part of this process and will learn many unique skills to help these applicants move ahead.

If you're up for the challenge, we've been looking for someone just like you. Join our team and help us lay the foundation for progress and innovation.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities:

Environmental planning is a relatively new field of study that aims to merge the practice of urban planning with the concerns of environmentalism. Essentially speaking, while urban planners have traditionally factored in economic development, transportation, sanitation, and other services into their decisions, environmental planners add sustainable (social, ecological & economic) outcomes as important factors in the decision-making process. What exactly constitutes the "Environment", however, is somewhat open to debate among these practitioners, as is the exact scope of the intended environmental benefits. Chief concerns among environmental planners include the encouragement of sustainable development, green building technologies, and the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas. In the United States, for any project, environmental planners deal with a full range of environmental regulations from federal to state and city levels. A rigorous environmental process has to be undertaken to examine the impacts and possible mitigation of any construction project. The environmental assessments encompass areas such as land use, socioeconomics, transportation, economic and housing characteristics, air, noise, wetlands, endangered species, flood zones, coastal zones, and visual studies among others. Depending on the scale and impact of the project, a full-blown environmental review is known as an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and the less extensive version is Environmental Assessment (EA). Procedures follow guidelines from National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), State Environmental Quality Review Act(SEQRA) and/or City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) and other
related federal or state agencies published regulations. The Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) is a non-profit organization of interdisciplinary professionals including environmental science, resource management, environmental planning and other professions contributing to this field. AEP is the first organization of its kind in the USA, and its influence and model have spawned numerous other regional organizations throughout the United States (1). Environmental Planners may work with FEMA's Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) program to use of the environment without degradation or undesirable and unintended consequences; achieving a balance between resource use and development within the sustained carrying capacity of the ecosystem involved; and enhancing the quality of renewable resources and working toward the maximum attainable recycling of depletable resources. The Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) program integrates the protection and enhancement of environmental, historic, and cultural resources into FEMA's mission, programs and activities; ensures that FEMA's activities and programs related to disaster response and recovery, hazard mitigation, and emergency preparedness comply with federal environmental and historic preservation laws and executive orders; and provides environmental and historic preservation technical assistance to FEMA staff, local, State and Federal partners, and grantees and sub grantees.

General Duties:

Evaluate the eligibility of disaster-related damages, facilities, work and costs.
Develop Damage Descriptions, Scopes of Work essential to the formulation of disaster recovery grants.
Support production of detailed, organized reports and reviews.
Develop and communicate processes and procedures and methodologies that streamline disaster recovery efforts.
Must be prepared to operate in an intense, dynamic, challenging work environment and be experienced working in a team atmosphere but also able to deliver independently.


The successful candidates will have the necessary experience based upon the positions needed for deployment. Due to the nature of this specific disaster work in and throughout the Continental US Territories, selected candidates must meet the following requirements:

Bachelor's degree
Previous experience working with FEMA
Completion of required FEMA training courses
Due to the nature of this specific FEMA disaster work, candidate must have excellent communication skills
Extraordinary attention to details; ability to process work accurately
Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word and Excel)
Demonstrated ability to clearly communicate with team members, clients, and stakeholders with diplomacy and tact
Flexibility to adapt to changing needs of client and project team
Must be willing to travel and mobilize on short notice
Ability to work under pressure and deliver under tight deadlines
Must be a US citizen
Must be willing to undergo and successfully pass a comprehensive FBI background screening (credit record, criminal record, tax history, criminal felonies, misdemeanors, DUI/DWIs, bankruptcy, tax or other financial evasion)
Must have a valid US driver's license

PLEASE NOTE: This position requires the obtainment of a FEMA badge. In order to pass the FEMA security process, candidates must meet the following requirements:

No convictions or criminal history (including DUIs)
Must be a US citizen
Must have a good credit rating

Join the Hanson team and love what you do. Focus on making a difference as you support the development of infrastructure that has a positive impact on communities across the country. Hanson - Hands On. It's how we work.

As employers/governmental contractors, we comply with government regulations, including affirmative action responsibilities where they apply. To assist us in meeting our affirmative action goals, employees are encouraged to refer minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans.



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