Research Scientist

Kearneysville, West Virginia, US
May 02, 2021
May 06, 2021
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Full time
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The mission of the USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center, Leetown Research Laboratory (formerly USGS Leetown Science Center, Aquatic Ecology Branch) is to excel in aquatic and natural resource science, providing the information, scientific understanding and technologies needed to support the sound management and conservation of the nation's biological resources.

The EESC-LRL is currently conducting research designed to predicted stream fish habitat and biological conditions as well as species distribution modeling to support the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in species status assessments.

The EESC-LRL requires a broad array of support services to ensure continued operation to meet mission requirements as well as staying in the forefront of technological capabilities and products. These services are not currently available in the LSC-AEB office or in other offices across the USGS thus the need to request contractual assistance.


Align American eel occurrence datasets previously developed by various researchers into a single response variable dataset suitable for statistical modeling of occurrence, density, and/or abundance.
Work collaboratively with other researchers to conduct statistical modeling of biological occurrence patterns of American eel and other fish species in relation to landscape factors.
Assist in write-up and publication of research methods and results.
Work with other researchers to develop a joint USGS/NOAA eel/joint pilot project.
Assist in scientific outreach and in developing and submitting proposals to expand projects into the full NE Region to more fully support the needs of the research clients.


Travel may be necessary, including overnight stays, to meet with project partners or to present science plans and results at meetings.


Minimum Qualifications:

Successful completion of a PhD from an accredited college or equivalent research experience in Fisheries, Environmental Science, Biology, or Geography including compilation of biological occurrence data, GIS and statistical analysis, and publication of research results.
Experience assessing and compiling factors influencing the distribution of migratory species (for example, American eel, American shad, Atlantic salmon).
Experience working with diverse research groups, Federal and State agencies, NGO's and the public for the purposes of compiling data, developing research plans, and presenting research results.

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