Cell Biologist / Bioengineer

Draper Laboratory
Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
Apr 28, 2021
May 11, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
The Bioengineering Division is seeking a motivated scientist to support the research and development of multiple cutting-edge technologies. At Draper Bioengineering, we work at the interface between engineering and biology, with a mission to develop innovative technologies that provide first-of-a-kind solutions to challenges in improving human health.

A key capability in Draper Bioengineering is our high throughput tissue-on-chip platform in which we culture a variety of different microtissues. We generate both disease and infection models for mechanistic and therapeutic studies. The successful applicant will lead and participate in teams that engineer these models.

We seek an enthusiastic, collaborative, and dedicated colleague. Prior experience in complex tissue culture or disease modeling in primary cells will be beneficial. We offer an atmosphere that fosters innovation, a supportive team environment, intellectual freedom and creativity, and an emphasis on career development.

Summary of Key Responsibilities.

Lead and contribute to projects involving microscale tissue models, including disease and infection modeling.
Design and execute a variety of molecular, biochemical, cellular, and/or analytical assays
Develop and optimize experimental protocols and analytical methods to be compatible with Draper's novel devices and technology
Investigate and identify new assays to generate reliable and reproducible data
Isolate, culture and maintain human primary cells in standard culture and on novel high-throughput platforms
Analyze and interpret results in the context of the project goals for dissemination to internal project management, external customers, and/or publication
Support lab organization and maintenance as needed

Required Qualifications:

PhD. with 0+ years of experience or M.S. with equivalent laboratory experience in a biology discipline or biomedical engineering,
Experienced in complex mammalian tissue culture such as multi-cell type co-culture, 3D cell culture/organoid biology, or stem cell culture.
Experience with cell and molecular biology methods (for example but not specifically required: nucleic acid preps, PCR, ELISA, Flow Cytometry).
Demonstrated leadership through new idea generation, experimental design, and/or project and people management.
Laboratory organizational skills, attention to detail, good presentation and communication skills are required.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with human primary cell culture
Experience with microfluidics, laboratory automation (e.g. Labview, Arduino, Python), and statistical analysis a plus

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