Ancestral Lands Seeds of Change - Crew Member

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Conservation Legacy
Gallup, New Mexico, US
Apr 28, 2021
May 12, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
Position Title: Crew Member (Botany Emphasis), two positions

Position Type: Full-time, temporary, 24 weeks

Location: Gallup, New Mexico; Ft. Defiance, Arizona


Benefits: Paid training; AmeriCorps Education Award upon satisfactory completion of term.

Program Dates: June - November

**Applications will only be considered if a resume and cover letter are attached.**

Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps(ALCC)

ALCC engages Native youth and young adults in meaningful conservation projects on Native Lands. With programs in Acoma Pueblo, Navajo Nation, Zuni Pueblo, Hopi and Albuquerque, Ancestral Lands crews have been working on projects from historical preservation, traditional agriculture, chainsaw crews, hiking clubs, stream restoration, fencing, trail construction and more. ALCC also aims to incorporate traditional culture and language as part of crew lifestyle and project work.

Position Summary: With our Ancestral Lands-Seeds of Change crew (AL-SoC), AL selects Individuals between ages 21-29, to complete conservation work projects on Navajo lands throughout the Southwest, who are interested in pursuing educational and professional development in resource management, land management and other outdoor related fields. AL-SoC crew members will support the Diné Native Plants Program (DNPP), a seedbank and nursery program under the Navajo Natural Heritage Program (NNHP) and Navajo Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, by collecting seeds from priority native plant species across the Navajo Nation. Crew members will demonstrate strong organizational skills and maintain exceptional attention to detail in relation to data collection and management. Effectively coordinate with co-crew member and DNPP Lead(s) to complete tasks properly. Exhibit familiarity and comfort with hiking and camping in rugged conditions, as well as perseverance in extreme weather conditions. Demonstrates interest in botany and eagerness to learn the local flora from DNPP staff, and local resources to build botanical knowledge throughout the position.

This is a full-time, temporary position that requires 40-hour work weeks.

Minimal Qualifications:
  • Eligible to accept a 900-hour service term with Americorps
    • Aged between 21 and 29 years upon hire
    • With U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residence and associated identification, including:
      • A signed social security card
      • A Birth Certificate, Certificate of Indian Blood, & government issued photo ID OR a valid passport.
    • Ability to produce identification as stipulated by I-9upon hire
    • Valid US driver's license and driving record in good standing
    • Ability to pass standard government background check; ability to pass Conservation Legacy's Criminal History Checks
    • Experience with and knowledge of Microsoft Suite Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
    • Self-motivated and able to work independently with limited supervision after initial training period; must be capable of performing well in an office setting, as well as the field.
    • Experience safely operating 4WD trucks on paved and unpaved roads, often in remote areas on unimproved roads and driving for extended periods of time (3-6 hours to work sites in addition to scouting time).
    • Ability to work in and respond to adverse weather conditions including extreme heat and sun exposure, monsoonal rains, flash flooding, lightning, and hazardous wildlife (i.e. rattlesnakes, scorpions, bears).
    • Current or ability to obtain CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, and Defensive Driver Training certificates.
    • Physically capable of standing and walking (approximately 3 miles/day on rough, uneven terrain), bending, crouching and stooping for long periods of time, and lifting/carrying items that weigh up to 40 pounds in upwards of 110 degree (F) heat while maintaining a cheery to neutral attitude.
    • Experience and willingness to spend multiple days (1-4 days at a time) car-camping in remote areas; familiarity or willingness to learn and adhere to best practices for field safety and Leave No Trace principles.

**Applications will only be considered if a resume and cover letter are attached.**

Preferred Qualifications:
  • 1 to 2 years College Experience, or College Graduate (BA/BS) with degree in ecology, botany, plant ecology, plant biology, plant systematics, conservation biology, natural resource management, environmental science, or a related field.
  • General fieldwork experience and at least 1 to 2 years of experience using taxonomic keys to identify plants to species in the field, from photos, and from pressed specimens.
    • Familiarity with Navajo Nation or Southwest flora in general.
    • Experience working in regions with high floristic diversity.
  • Experience working as part of a two-person team and able to work well with others.
    • Excellent communication, organizational, and planning skills.
  • Experience with ArcGIS tablet applications (ArcCollector, Survey123) and basic troubleshooting.
  • Experience with ArcMap and ArcGIS Online interface.
  • Experience collecting, managing and summarizing data for plant and/or animal monitoring programs.

Program Overview:

AL-SoC crew members will serve as the primary seed collecting unit for the Diné Native Plants Program (DNPP) and will work under the directive of the DNPP lead(s). Crew will be based out of Ancestral Lands Navajo office in Gallup, NM, when crew is not in the field, crew will work out of the Navajo Forestry Department greenhouse and seed lab facility in Ft. Defiance, AZ. Together, the crew will collect seeds from native species in remote areas on the Navajo Nation across states AZ, NM, and southern UT following DNPP protocols. The crew members will receive training from DNPP botany experts, participating in plant identification, seed collection, seed cleaning, and greenhouse nursery production. Crews will be required to drive to different areas throughout the Navajo Nation, camp overnight, hike several miles a day, and return to the office for equipment and data management. This position requires more driving relative to other types of field work. Crew members must be prepared for long days driving and scouting from the truck. Safety is a pre-requisite; particularly where private land permit holders exist and during hunting season, this will guide how fieldwork is conducted.

Seed collected by the AL-Soc crew and DNPP is saved in short- and long-term storage to support development of plant materials for land restoration purposes. The crew members will assist the DNPP lead(s) with data management, including record filing, database input, seed processing, and cleaning. Specific duties will include selecting and locating populations of plant species based on DNPP's established seed collection protocols and locally developed target species lists. The crew members will work with DNPP lead(s) to locate populations of targeted species, monitor phenology of the population, collect botanical voucher specimens, assess seed quantity and quality prior to seed collection, collect seed, record site data, prepare documentation, and ready collected seeds for cleaning and storage. Ability to identify plants both in the field and in the office via dichotomous keys is an important function of the position. However, help with plant ID will be provided and IDs will be reviewed. The crew member will use ArcGIS tablet applications (i.e. ArcCollector, Survey123) software to locate and document collections. Use of 4-wheel drive vehicles in rugged off highway situations is expected. Familiarity with this equipment is highly desirable, but training will be provided where needed.

While Seeds of Change is the primary focus, the crew members will also assist with other plant conservation projects alongside the DNPP, Navajo Natural Heritage Program, and Navajo Dept. of Fish and Wildlife during their term. Projects may include rare plant monitoring, native plant collection, and riparian restoration.

Position Contact:

**Applications will only be considered if a resume and cover letter are attached.**

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