Laboratory Technician / Microbiologist

Synergy America, Inc
Atlanta, Georgia, US
Apr 28, 2021
May 07, 2021
Employment Type
Full time
Salary Type
We are seeking a Laboratory Technician / Microbiologist for 1-year contract in Atlanta, GA The individual will perform routine laboratory and general clerical tasks necessary for daily operation of a client laboratory. The person will set up laboratory and research equipment as directed as well as assists research and laboratory personnel with experiments and procedures. The position may be required to work with, take specific precautions against and/or be immunized against potentially hazardous agents.

Skills for Laboratory Technician / Microbiologist:

· Must be able to work independently and provide scientific / technical consulting services to support diagnostic testing and research for parasitic infections such as schistosomiasis, strongyloidiasis, babesiosis, toxoplasmosis, neurocysticercosis, echinococcosis, malaria, angiostrongyliasis, and cyclosporiasis in CDC's Parasitic Diseases Reference Laboratory.

· Undergraduate (B.S.) degree in chemistry, biology, or related life science field

· Minimum of 3 years' experience in performing duties outlined herein

· Requires basic knowledge of microbiology/biology sufficient to perform conventional scientific tasks that have well-established boundaries.

· The incumbent must have the knowledge and skill to complete developmental assignments that expand the employee's understanding of concepts and underlying principles and/or program requirements and procedures.

· The incumbent must have the knowledge and skill perform serological tests to detect disease-specific antibodies and antigens.

· Knowledge and ability to perform DNA extraction

· Knowledge of various laboratory testing techniques to using multiplex serology (Luminex, Magpix), Western blot and ELISA methods;

· Knowledge of data analysis skills

· Knowledge of Starlims system to include accessioning, queries, results entry, reporting, and troubleshooting

· Knowledge of international quality management standards and requirements

· Other Requirements:

· Knowledge of standard laboratory procedures and bio-safety guidelines

· Knowledge of and experience working with Microsoft Word and Excel

· Ability to write scientific reports

· Good oral and written communications skills

· Strong ability to work as a team member.

· Ability to analyze and pay attention to detail.

· Good organizational skills.

· Manual dexterity and good eyesight.

· A basic understanding of measurements and basic mathematical calculations.

· Ability to communicate verbally and written technical and non-technical information.

· Ability to maintain laboratory records and files.

Responsibilities for Laboratory Technician / Microbiologist:

· Perform serological tests to detect disease-specific antibodies and antigens.

· Perform DNA extraction and molecular tests to detect disease specific DNA.

· Perform laboratory testing using multiplex serology (Luminex, Magpix), Western blot and ELISA methods.

· Perform microscopic analysis and resistance testing on parasitological specimens.

· Develop laboratory assay using phenotypic, serologic, molecular, and proteomic methods.

· Validate assays using defined sera and determine the assay sensitivity and specificity.

· Analyze and interpret laboratory data generated.

· Perform processes using Starlims to include accessioning, queries, results entry, reporting, and troubleshooting.

· Carry-out quality management and quality control activities in conformance with CLIA '88 requirements to include performing all standard laboratory procedures in accordance with CLIA '88 protocols.

· Perform routine equipment maintenance to include calibrating instruments and verifying their proper functioning.

· Conduct evaluation of laboratory experiments to determine whether data generated are accurate and valid to identify unusual or unexpected results and their probable causes.

· Assume responsibility that incoming specimens are processed and triaged maintaining a "chain of custody" and with Client required inventory and barcoding processes.

· Perform general laboratory functions to include checking and recording daily temperature of freezers and media, washing glassware, cleaning of autoclave pans, keeping work surface clean at all times, picking up spills, and properly disposing of laboratory waste.

· Prepare buffers and reagents for usage in laboratory.

· Maintain inventory of defined sera of various parasitic diseases and also U.S. normal sera.

· Provide customer service with coverage of laboratory phones and faxes.

· Maintain data records, specimens inventories, and proper storage of laboratory specimens.

· Maintain inventory of supplies, equipment, and specimens.

· Assist with the ordering of laboratory supplies and equipment.

· Prepare written documents and reports

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