Environmental Safety & Health Manager

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Propulsion Controls Engineering
Aiea, Hawaii, US
Apr 28, 2021
May 11, 2021
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Full time
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Job Description
Propulsion Controls Engineering's (PCE) purpose is to provide the highest quality services to meet the needs of our customers while ensuring a safety and beneficial workplace for our employees. PCE has a current opening for Hawaii residents a Full-Time Environmental Safety and Health Manager, at our Aiea, HI location.

Job Summary:

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, operating and evaluating Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health programs as well as Environmental, Safety and Health resources for facility and subcontractor personnel working in a variety of industrial fields associated with ship repair. The areas of responsibility include: on board sea going vessels and ships; industrial shops; drydocks, etc., ensuring compliance with established regulations by Federal OSHA, State OSHA, NAVSEA Standard Items, and Maritime requirements.

Essential Functions:
  • Provides functional leadership for all ESH related initiatives.
  • Conducts operations in accordance with PCE's Injury and Illness Prevention Program(IIPP),Safety Manual and all related flow-down documentation to provide a safe work environment for all personnel.
  • Maintains PCE's IIPP and Safety Manual to ensure programs and procedures remain current.
  • Establishes and maintains a close working relationship with the Operations team, providing input for the safe and productive repair operations.
  • Fully engages in the production planning process, embedding safety considerations into workflow.
  • Establishes and maintains a close working relationship with the HR Dept., providing input for the scheduling of new hires and/or rehires' safety orientation, drug testing, and medical baseline physicals.
  • Accurately maintains the site OSHA 300 Log as required in support of Corporate reporting requirements in accordance with state regulations.
  • Ensures compliance with the applicable requirements of both state and federal OSHA and applicable standards.
  • Acts as liaison and escort for regulatory personnel visiting the site. Accommodating compliance investigations and coordination of resolution initiatives associated with issued infractions/citations.
  • Responsible for implementation of Environmental, Health and Safety shop procedures.
  • Assembles and analyzes safety incident data, routinely providing statistical information in support of corporate reporting requirements.
  • Maintains records for various committees and meetings to include but not limited to the Safety committee.
  • Responsible for Customer ESH surveys and documentation, ensuring information and data itemized is accurate.
  • Ensures daily safety inspections are accomplished in all shops or vessels in which repairs are being conducted as well as associated operating areas. Review results to identify corrective actions and/or training activities to address repetitive issues.
  • Collaborates with business leaders internally and externally, maintaining aclose professional relationship with customers, prospective customers, venders and subcontractors.
  • Observes environmental conditions and employee performance patterns to identify hazards, detect risks, and determine causal relationships; developing abatement recommendations for safety and occupational health hazards.
  • Investigates accidents and injuries, searching for clues, studying variables, questioning witnesses, and retracing sequences to uncover the sources of reported injuries, accidents, and/or illnesses.
  • Records accidents and injuries, assuring the validity of data collected accurate documentation of occurrences and data summaries, and maintenance of program information.
  • Analyzes injuries and accidents, examines the available data to identify possible sources of losses experienced, determining critical factors prior to occurrence, and recommendation of alternative adjustments to eliminate or minimize losses from injuries and illnesses.
  • Provides insurance notification when injuries or accidents occurs, and submits all applicable documentation to initiate the claim process.
  • Ensures hazardous waste manifests documentation and recordkeeping meets the requirements of all Federal and State regulations.
  • Ensures new/ existing equipment requiring city permits are maintained and the parameters of the permit are being continuously advocated.
  • Accountable for hazardous waste accumulation, maintenance and disposal. Ensures that hazardous waste is properly identified, stored and disposed of in accordance with Federal and State requirements.
  • Develops, implements, and executes PCE's hazardous waste spill prevention program to ensure compliance with Federal and State requirements.
  • Develops, implements, and executes PCE's Hazardous Waste Business plan, ensuring plans meet all applicable Federal and State regulations.
  • Develops, implements, and executes PCE's Emergency Response and Fire Safety plan, ensuring plan meets all applicable Federal, State and Customer requirements.
  • Conducts the planning, scheduling, oversight and monitoring of weekly Gang box trainings, ensuring employees are educated on hazards associated with their job duties.
  • Ensures employee certifications are kept up-to-date and refresher courses are scheduled to prevent certifications from expiring.
  • Conducts interviews, performance reviews, and discipline of assigned personnel in compliance with established company guidance.
  • Other duties as may be assigned.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Associate or Bachelors Degree in Environmental/ Safety related curriculum or equivalent (proven) experience preferred.

Experience and Knowledge:
  • Minimum 10 years ship repair / shipyard related experience preferred. Management may determine an applicant qualified and/or mayqualify for the position if the applicant has the necessary knowledge and/or certifications to meet the requirements.
  • Must posses an extensive knowledge of OSHA regulations as applicable to facilities maintenance, operations, construction and industrial safety/environment.
  • Must posses exceptional knowledge of OSHA Regulations 29 CFR 1910, 1915 and NAVSEA Standard Items.
  • Experience with establishing procedures for proper investigation and reporting of safety and environmental incidents and recommending corrective action.
  • Experience with hazardous waste management, air quality, and utilization of hazardous materials in the industrial work environment.
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal environment agencies and associated regulations, including participating in emergency planning activities, integration of environmental programs into the production environment, and training of hazardous waste technicians.
  • Experience drafting, implementing, revising and monitoring safety and health related policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of establishing and fostering an environment that encourages initiative, product quality, performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Experience driving ethical behavior and instilling an ESH culture throughout the organization, including continuous improvement of safety standards through the safety matrix.
  • Must possess and extensive knowledge of ship repair specifications commensurate with ship-wide/multi-ship repair initiatives.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with ship's personnel, contractors and subcontractors, vendors, customers and employees.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Maritime Knowledge required.
  • Previous military experience (preferred).
  • CPR certified.
  • 40 hour Hazwoper certified.
  • OSHA 511 Standards for General Industry training course completion. .
  • OSHA 5410 Maritime Standards training course completion.
  • OSHA 5400 Maritime Safety Instructor.
  • Shipyard Competent Person (SYCP) certified.
  • Lockout Tag Out (LOTO) certified.

Other Information:

Environmental Factors / Physical Demands:
  • Must be able to perform these as well as Essential Function(s) with or without reasonable accommodation and without posing a direct threat to safety or health of employee or others.
  • Work under compressed timelines and other resource limitations.
  • Must be able to work in a wide variety of environments, conditions, and/or situations; including:
  • Routinely bending, twisting, kneeling, climbing and reaching 1-12 hours per day.
  • Sitting, standing and walking for 1-12 hours per day
  • Enduring noise, fumes, and dust.
  • Must be able to lift and carry 1-50lbs throughout the day.
  • Must be able to push or pull up to 50lbs.

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