Microbiologist I

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Briarcliff, Georgia, US
Apr 28, 2021
May 15, 2021
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Full time
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JOB TITLE: Microbiologist I

POSITION NUMBER: 2103-08897-MI-T14


ANTICIPATED START DATE: Two weeks after candidate identification

TRAVEL: As required to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

ASRT, Inc. provides scientific, information management, management consulting, bioinformatics, and administrative program support to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other Federal and private sector clients. The successful candidate will be a full-time employee of ASRT, Inc. and will be assigned to the Meningitis and Vaccine Preventable Diseases (MVPDB), National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), at the CDC, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA, to provide laboratory technical support for pertussis and diphtheria reference laboratory.


The Microbiologist I will provide laboratory technical support for pertussis and diphtheria reference laboratory. This task will provide laboratory technical support services for pertussis seroprevalence study, molecular diagnosis and subtyping of pertussis and diphtheria etiologic agents.

  • Perform molecular and serologic-based assays in support of the Pertussis and Diphtheria Reference Laboratory such as real-time PCR, DNA sequencing, genome-based typing systems and immunologic assays, including conventional and electro chemiluminescent ELISAs, Luminex bead-based assays, western blots, etc.
  • Implement, validate and perform data analysis of serologic and molecular based assays in support of pertussis and diphtheria reference laboratory
  • Collaborate on the development and validation of novel multiplex immunoassays for B. pertussis
  • Assist in providing support to other areas of the pertussis and diphtheria laboratory team(data analysis, specimen management)
  • Participate in collaborative studies and training designed to promote technology transfer of diagnostic assays and harmonization among laboratories
  • Perform inventory management as well as ordering and distribution of panels for proficiency testing if requested
  • Perform assays as needed during pertussis and diphtheria outbreak responses
  • Prepare and deliver clear and concise reports and presentations for CDC leadership, colleagues, and collaborators at internal and external (scientific) meetings
  • Support development and validation of diagnostics tests, molecular typing systems including advanced molecular detection techniques (genomics, transcriptomes, proteomes), and laboratory diagnosis support during outbreak responses. Since MVPDB,CDC is a global resource for the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, pertussis and diphtheria and for the taxonomy of the microorganisms involved with these diseases, this project should enhance these important functions
  • Assist in the accessioning, maintenance and database management of clinical and non-clinical specimens to support studies of vaccines and diagnostics for a range of vaccine preventable diseases including pertussis
  • Assist in the development and optimization of in vitro assays to measure biological responses to vaccination and infection in human or animal specimens
  • Maintenance of eukaryotic cell cultures and cell lines; preparation of cell banks and working cell stocks, and cell plates. Receive training for a variety of techniques and participate in research projects
  • Management and coordination of a variety of special projects (domestic and global) within the branch
  • Participate in collaborative studies, training and QC/QA programs designed to promote technology transfer of diagnostic assays and harmonization among laboratories
  • Collaborate on the development and validation of novel diagnostic and typing techniques for Bordetella species
  • Assist in providing support to other areas of the pertussis and diphtheria laboratory team (data analysis, specimen management)
  • Perform assays as needed during pertussis outbreak response
  • Comply CLIA regulations and maintains assigned laboratory areas, equipment and protocols in compliance with local and federal requirements for quality, safety and security
  • Expert knowledge and ability to perform molecular and immunological methods such as polymerase nucleic acid amplification, ELISA, laboratory databases and specimen management
  • Liaison between CDC and laboratory supply companies in order to verify delivery of several of equipment
  • Preparation, arrangement and repair for laboratory equipment
  • Keep accurate reports on contractual renewals for maintenance agreements for laboratory equipment
  • Prepare service contract documents
  • Review and order lab supplies for the meningitis and pertussis team
  • Bacterial culture and characterization, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and bacterial molecular typing techniques such as DNA sequencing and pulsed field gel electrophoresis
  • The capability of designing experiments independently, developing new assays, and troubleshooting
  • Familiar with the different bioinformatics software used in the Meningitis Laboratory for data analysis and interpretation useful but not required
  • Performs laboratory analyses to support efforts described in the statement of work above
  • Provide support to the CDC EOC for agency response activities when the EOC is activated
  • Provide support for CDC pandemic activities


Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor's degree in microbiology, biology, chemistry, or basic medical science that included at least 20 semester hours in microbiology and other subjects related to the study of microorganisms, and 20 semester hours in the physical and mathematical sciences combining course work in organic chemistry or biochemistry, physics, and college algebra, or their equivalent

  • Research experience involving the use of molecular and immunological methods such as the preparation and handling of nucleic acid samples, real-time PCR, ELISA, and other standard laboratory methods
  • Research experience performing MLST and molecular typing
  • Documentation of daily work with good laboratory practice
  • Knowledge of biosafety requirements for research being performed
  • Experience working with Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Experience developing real-time PCR or ELISA based in vitro diagnostic assays
  • Previous experience working in a CLIA environment
  • Experience writing project reports, research protocols and manuscripts
  • Ability to synthesize new ideas for project research

Language Skills:
  • The candidate must possess excellent oral and written communication skills in English

  • Must be United States citizen or permanent resident or have authorization for employment in the United States

SALARY: Commensurate with qualifications and experience

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ASRT, INC. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER. It is the policy of ASRT, Inc. to provide equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, citizenship, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, genetic information, veteran or disability status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local law, and to take affirmative action in accordance with applicable laws and Executive Orders.

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