Short Term Volunteer Coordinator

Dominical, Costa Rica
Food and accommodation included
Jul 17, 2019
Sep 17, 2019
Job Level
Entry level

This is a 3 month position, with the opportunity to extend.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary operates a dynamic volunteer program. The Volunteer Coordinator will assist the staff to implement and develop this program and provide high standards of animal welfare to all animals in our care. The Volunteer Coordinator role is a voluntary position. Food and on-site accommodation will be provided. The Volunteer Coordinator will need to pay for own flights/travel arrangements and must have valid personal health/travel insurance.

Note: A stipend will be provided for food costs when taking volunteers out for dinner in which case we will reimburse you for the money you have paid for food on these occasions.

Job Description

This job has been designed to support the volunteer program and the day-to-day running of the sanctuary.  Volunteers need to be supervised at all times and it will be your role to ensure volunteers are working safely and following our policies and procedures at all times.  There will be occasions when you may be required to assist in other operational duties of the sanctuary, and within our clinic however, this will depend on your past experiences. 

Personal Specification

This position requires an individual who is well organized, proactive, adaptable, reliable and committed to the organizations aims and objectives.  The ideal candidate would be outgoing and happy to socialize out-of-hours depending on the needs and wants of the current volunteers.  Depending on availability, we may ask for you to move between the volunteer housing and staff housing.  In the volunteer house, you may have to share a room with a volunteer.  In the staff housing, you will have your own room and a shared bathroom and kitchen with one other person.  

Excellent communication skills and fluency in English are essential.

A valid manual driving license is also essential.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience supervising volunteers, experience working with captive wildlife, and ability to converse in Spanish is desirable.

Volunteer-related tasks:

  • Supervising volunteers at all times
    • At no moment in the day, during working hours, should the volunteers be left unsupervised, especially when working with the animals and moving in and out of enclosures
  • Organize volunteer arrivals, departures and accommodation schedules
    • This will include transporting volunteers in regards to their arrivals/departures from town (Dominical/Uvita)
  • Organize volunteer recreational activities including transport
  • Assist in preparing weekly volunteer activity schedule (social and educational)
  • Supervise internship/research students
  • Participate in educating volunteers on animal welfare, enrichment and best practice
  • Assisting volunteers in gathering browse for animals
  • Taking out volunteers for lunch/dinner (see itinerary below)
  • Being solely in charge of the volunteers on days that the program coordinators are off or absent
  • Being ‘on call’ on the days when the program coordinators are off/absent
  • Ensuring volunteer house is kept clean and organized
  • Preparing rooms/ beds for new arrivals
  • Addressing volunteer needs, emergency medical conditions etc.
  • Organizing food orders on arrival
  • Stocking volunteer house and apartment with food for new arrivals

Animal-related tasks:

  • Assisting with constructing enclosure furniture
  • Implementing a high level of animal welfare
  • Assist with data collection and research (dependent on skills/qualifications)
  • Cleaning enclosures, particularly on deep-clean Mondays as well as when we are short staffed or low on volunteers
  • Assist in collecting data for fecal scoring system for animals
  • Ensuring all the animals get fed the correct food AM and PM and in a timely manner
    • Assist with feeding when necessary
  • Preparing food for the animals
  • Baby duty/ night feedings
  • Implementing the enrichment manual and ensuring all volunteers understand and follow the schedule

Administration-related tasks:

  • Keep the sanctuary well organized and running efficiently
  • Assist the volunteers in making the fruit and vegetable and food order
  • Perform guided tours with members of the public when necessary  
  • Attend weekly staff meetings