Vegetation and Soils Monitoring Internship in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management

Various locations across Northwest Colorado
$520 - $680/week plus $55/week for food. AmeriCorps award of $2960 upon completion of season.
Jan 17, 2019
Mar 18, 2019
Job Level
Entry level, Mid level
Employment Type
Internship, Temporary / Seasonal

Participants will assist crew leads in all aspects of vegetation monitoring using the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Assessment, Inventory, & Monitoring (AIM) methodology.  More information on the BLM’s AIM strategy can be found on the AIM website:  Crews will consist of three individuals: two crew members and one crew lead.  Together, they will gather data on BLM lands including within National Monument lands, vegetation treatments, rangeland allotments, or reference areas using AIM methodology.

Within survey plots, all plant species are expected to be identified to species; line-point intercept will be used to gather species cover and composition data; soil stability will be measured along transects; and soil pit descriptions will be completed.  All data will be georeferenced using a GPS unit and stored in an ArcGIS geodatabase.  Data are either entered electronically during the site visit or recorded on paper forms and entered later.  AIM Data will be used in various ways such as assessing Land Health, habitat suitability, invasive species mapping and synthesized into various reports for future land management planning. The crew may also have the opportunity to assist with other public land management projects involving wildlife, range and forestry.

Crews will collect botanical specimens of known and unknown species throughout the field season and keep records updated as needed.  The crew member will continuously learn the local flora and build botanical knowledge.  The crew member should be passionate about the botanical world and other natural systems and have a willingness to share that passion and knowledge with other team members.

Service will be completed in remote areas on BLM lands.  Crews will be required to drive throughout the Field or District Office on a four day service week, camp overnight, hike several miles a day, and return to the office to maintain equipment and manage data. Crew members are expected to provide their own camping equipment for use while in the field unless otherwise informed by their host field office.

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To apply please send resume, letter of interest, and a copy of your transcripts (unofficial is fine) to Liz Doby: