Volunteer Field Assistant - Bird Study

Punta Indio, Argentina
Sep 11, 2018
Oct 31, 2018
Volunteer opportunity 2018
Salary Type


Volunteer opportunity to work as field assistant in a long-term study of breeding biology of various ground-nesting birds (Anthus spp., Sicalis luteolaAmmodramus humeralisNothura maculosa). There is also work with other species under study (cavity and open nesters in the "Talares") in associated projects.

-We collect information on reproductive success, foraging behavior, chick growth rates, population trends and behavior ecology. Field work consists of nest searching, monitoring, census, banding, conducting behavioral observations and vegetation measurements.

-Research work is part of a PhD thesis at Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

-Volunteers needed from October 10th to January 30th. Minimun stay required is 35 days. Last day to apply will be October 30th.

-Volunteers will stay in a rustic field camp 25 km from the nearest town, inside a Biosphere Reserve (Parque Costero del Sur, MAB-UNESCO). The camp has electricity and limited phone signal.

-Applicants must get along well with others, be willing to work hard, and be self motivated.

-Good physical condition and ability to make careful observations are preferred.

-Volunteers should bring their own tent and sleeping bag. They must provide their own airfare to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and transportation from Buenos Aires to La Plata (55 km).

-Volunteers are required to pay a fee (U$D 50 per week) to cover food, lodging and help defray costs of the project.

HOW TO APPLY: send a cover letter and curriculum vitae to Martín Colombo: martin.alejandro.colombo@gmail.com with the subject ‘Volunteer Opportunity 2018’.

Further details will be provided via the same e-mail.