Greenhouse Grower, Cantigny Park

Wheaton, Illinois
Jun 08, 2018
Aug 08, 2018
Job Level
Entry level
Employment Type
Full time
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Cantigny Park is offering an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career opportunity for a Greenhouse Grower. This position will procure and grow top quality plants for the Horticulture Department, and assist the Greenhouse Manager in overseeing daily operations, production facilities, and equipment. An ideal candidate is a highly organized self-starter with a couple of years of experience working in a greenhouse. The Greenhouse Grower supports special events and interfaces with our large team of volunteers who return annually.




  • Performs and oversees the growth and maintenance of plants being produced through proper watering, fertilizing, pest control, spacing, sanitation and other horticultural techniques. Monitors fertigation program including the safe handling of fertilizer and acids. Must be able to perform testing of: pH, alkalinity and nutrient levels of water, media and plants to ensure proper nutritional care of various crops. Must be able to exercise discretion and make judgment calls in the proper growing of plant material.  


  • Collaborates with Greenhouse Manager, Horticulture Volunteer Coordinator and other growers with scheduling, training, and supervising seasonal and volunteer staff assigned to assist in greenhouse operations.  


  • Responsible for the budget, purchase, procurement, and storage of all production materials needed to fill scheduled crop orders as directed by Greenhouse Manager. Assists in production schedules and space utilization.  


  • Responsible for interior plantscaping of buildings including ongoing, seasonal, and holiday displays as directed by Greenhouse Manager.  


  • Supports Greenhouse Manager in coordinating events pertaining to horticulture department and greenhouse (Fall Fest, Shades of Crimson, Open House, etc.) Actively participates in and/or leads various Cantigny activities and functions involving the recreation and education of visitors, including, conferences, lectures, tours, demonstrations, etc.  


  • Assists in the operation and monitoring the greenhouse computer control system to ensure the proper environment for all crops in the various greenhouses. Maintain a history of greenhouse environmental conditions to study performance of various crops.  


  • Assists with an Integrated Pest Management Program relating to greenhouse crops, including both chemical and biological methods. Maintains an Illinois Pesticide Applicator’s License and training required by EPA-Worker Protection Standard. Uses safe practices of pesticide application, documentation, storage, and training in accordance with EPA,  OSHA, and Illinois Dept. of Agriculture standards.  


  • Provides for personal safety in the workplace by attending and completing all required safety training, knowing and following existing safety rules including the applicable use of personal protection equipment, the proper operation of tools/machinery and proper handling of hazardous materials, and reporting any unsafe conditions to respective supervisor.  


  • Ensures that all production facilities and equipment are kept organized, clean and operating properly and notifies the Greenhouse Manager if they are not.  


  • This position will be an active member of the snow removal team  


  • Performs all other related duties as assigned.  




  • Associate’s degree in Horticulture or similar specialized degree relating to crop production required (Bachelor of Science preferred).
  • Candidates must have a minimum of two years of experience in horticulture and demonstrate a strong interest and ability in horticulture, plants, and the environment.
  • Must be self-directed and able to make complex decisions independently.
  • Proficient in operating personal computers including Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Must be able physically able to lift and maneuver 50 lbs.; work in all types of terrain, adverse weather conditions (including extreme cold and heat), water at or above shoulder height for long periods of time; and operate horticultural and snow removal equipment.
  • Must be willing to work weekends: Sunday to Thursday schedule. This position will work in rotation with Greenhouse Manager and other growers to cover Cantigny recognized holidays.
  • Ability to obtain an Illinois Pesticide Applicators license within 6 months of hire; apply pesticides in a safe and effective manner; and wear a respirator.
  • Illinois Driver's License required.
  • Must pass background check and drug screen.  


To apply: submit a resume and cover letter to