Drone Academy

The Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center (MCERC), located in Spring Hill, Florida, USA, is excited to announce the Drone Academy is open for enrollment!

Innovative applications for drones include capturing images and video from land and vessel platforms to study animal populations be it on land or from boat. MCERC’s Drone Academy will teach you the skills you need to build and operate your own drone system.

Drone Flight School begins by getting your hands on the components of a drone and assembling a machine of your own. Our faculty will guide you through a detailed understanding of the components of your drone with the belief that this will lead to customizing your machine to support your personal research goals. You will also learn how to fly your drone and about the required permits needed to go about your research needs.

The first Drone Academy runs June 22nd-24th. Enrollment closes May 24th. For more details and to sign up, visit the education hub at: www.Education.Marine-Eco.org and following the link to "Drone Academy" under courses.

For questions, email Heidi at Heidi@marine-eco.org

We hope to see you in our Drone Academy this summer!