Biologist in Wildlife Rescue Center

Bolivia (BO), Chapare, Villa Tunari
700Bs. per months, as well as housing, breakfast and lunch
Feb 22, 2018
Apr 22, 2018
Biologist Machia
Job Level
Entry level, Mid level
Employment Type
Contract, Full time


Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi is a Bolivian NGO, formed by a team of professionals and volunteers, Bolivians and foreigners alike.  Founded in 1992, CIWY was the pioneer of the environmental movement in Bolivia and is recognised at a national and international level for founding rescue centres dedicated to the rehabilitation of wild animals.  CIWY has three wild animal rescue centres:  Parque Machia (Cochabamba), Parque Ambue Ari (Santa Cruz) and Parque Jacj Cuisi (Rurrenabaque in the north of La Paz).  Each one of these centres offers refuge to wild animals rescued from illegal trafficking, bringing them the opportunity for a better quality of life.


Machia houses more than 500 animals from more than 30 species.  Each species is different and needs specific conditions for their management and wellbeing.  It is necessary to know each one of these animals, their biology, behaviour and particular management, to be able to offer them a better quality of life.  The work is hard, and sometimes accompanied by difficult environmental conditions.


This position requires a responsible, autonomous and organised person, with initiative and in good physical condition.  The person should be able to understand how the centre runs and be aware of the importance of the wellbeing of its residents.   The candidate should know how to work well in a team, manage and coordinate groups.  The work is hard, but incredibly rewarding, knowing that each animal that we house in the centre is receiving a second chance.


  • Have a detailed understanding of all species in the centre and management area (biology, diet, behaviour etc)
  • Revision and updating of management protocols in each area
  • Supervision of strict adherence to management protocols and daily routines in each area
  • Work within each when necessary (cleaning, food preparation, enrichment etc)
  • Inspections to establish all types of improvements (environmental, enclosures, management etc)
  • Make environmental enrichment plans
  • Training area coordinators and/or volunteers
  • Plan future projects, together with Centre management
  • Participate in and support environmental education programs
  • Receive and evaluate new animals together with the veterinary team
  • Make release protocols and implement them when necessary
  • Formation of animals into social groups (primates, coatis, parrots etc)
  • Always support the coordination of the centre, volunteers and other activities when required.


CIWY’s three Centres are each located in remote areas of Bolivia, and the comforts of each vary.  In Machia there is electricity, internet and water available most of the time.  You will be living with staff and volunteers, both Bolivian and international, who work hard day to day to keep the project running.  You should be patient, adaptable and above all, be prepared for physically hard work in difficult conditions

Hours of work

The schedule is from 7am to 6pm every day.  You will receive one day off each week, as well as two extra days off every two months, and one week of vacation for every six months work.


Rooms and bathrooms are shared, with a maximum of four people each room.  In some cases, we are able to offer a private room.

Financial agreement

A contract will be offered for a minimum of one year.  CIWY will provide your housing, breakfast and lunch.  In addition, you will receive financial compensation of 700bs per month.

CIWY also requests that any future publication referring to your work here includes reference to the organisation.

Required skills and experience

Candidates must possess a minimum of a Bachelors degree in Biology  (or similar).  You should demonstrate a strong interest in wild animals and conservation, having at least one year’s work experience relating to wild animals.  We are looking for enthusiastic people, willing to learn and show initiative, who also possess communication and leadership skills.  You should have an intermediate to high level of both English and Spanish (written and spoken), and the willingness to improve.  The successful candidate will understand “what” is a rescue centre, and that the life of the animals and offering them a second chance is the utmost importance.


Please email with:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • At least one professional reference