Marine Biodiversity Media Specialist

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Jan 26, 2018
Mar 27, 2018
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Project Description

A Marine Biodiversity Media Specialist fluent in Spanish and experienced in environmental education is needed to create digital and printed materials to be used in trainings for Pedasi Turtles and to educate community members in the area. Pedasi Turtles works toward the conservation of sea turtles and mangroves within the Pablo Barrios Refuge in Pedasi. Sea turtles are an essential species for the health of the oceans and mangroves are the nurseries of many marine species from coastal areas, both very important for coastal communities such as Pedasi. With the increase in tourism in the region, these natural resources (exploited in a sustainable manner) could replace other unsustainable activities such as poaching, the extraction of sea turtle eggs and the cutting of mangroves. The Pablo Barrios Refuge is a protected area that if not used sustainably by the community itself, will end up in the hands of real estate or tourism developments that will destroy nesting beaches and mangroves. For this reason, implementing a shared management plan and greater disclosure of the attractions of the protected area would be a project that would serve to ensure the community a sustainable activity in addition to its present activities such as fishing and whale watching. 

The Marine Biodiversity Media Specialist will work closely with the Pedasi Turtles board to develop new education materials, signs and resources to be used in trainings and delivered to community members around the coastal communities. The Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV) will design brochures and infographics, support training activities, and assist with nocturnal monitoring of sea turtles and explorations of mangrove areas. The Marine Biodiversity Media Specialist will aid Pedasi Turtles in designing and planning fundraising activities, in addition to supporting daytime beach activities (cleaning, installation of signs, monitoring relocated nests). The goal of this assignment is to strengthen existing knowledge and skills of Pedasi Turtles members, volunteers and local community members to increase the protection of sea turtle and mangrove beaches in the Pablo Barrios, Pedasi Refuge through the dissemination of signage, education and support in the monitoring of sea turtles as well as in the monitoring of the zones of mangroves. 

Please note these are approximate departure dates and might change.

Partner Information

Pedasi Turtle

Required Skills

• Bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S.) from a college or university in environment education or equivalent experience in conservationism
• 2-3 years of environmental education experience in Spanish-language context
• Advanced/fluent knowledge of Spanish and prior English-Spanish translation experience
• Have previously designed/given presentations, brochures, etc. in environmental education, preferably relating to sea turtles and/or mangroves
• Experience facilitating formal and informal presentations in Spanish to students, community members and other organizations
• Ability to take initiative, problem-solve, be technologically creative, and assume responsibility

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