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RECON Environmental


RECON Environmental, Inc. is a company of specialists representing one of the largest and most established environmental service firms in the Southwest. Founded in 1972 with the emergence of the National Environmental Policy Act and the California Environmental Quality Act, we have provided nearly four decades of continuous service to our valued clients in the public and private sectors.

RECON is a leader in environmental planning. We create imaginative solutions to complex situations. Our staff is responsive to the ever-changing and evolving regulatory setting and is instrumental in introducing the latest advances in knowledge, management, and information into the environmental process. We are committed to providing superior consulting services by developing solutions that support our clients in meeting their regulatory obligations. Through our technical expertise and collaborative team approach, we promote a balance between land use needs, conservation, and quality of life.

The longevity and stability of RECON is unique in an industry where acquisitions and mergers are prevalent. With continuous operation since 1972, we have provided environmental consulting services and technical studies for a great diversity of projects throughout the Southwest. Through our efforts in planning, environmental document preparation, resource management, conservation, and regulatory compliance, we have helped companies meet their goals of developing and providing quality projects while protecting the environment.

To best serve our clients, we have organized our internal departments by client type to cater to each of these sectors’ specific needs: Private, Agency, Federal and Restoration. Each team’s members are client-focused and have an in-depth understanding of the unique regulatory environments in which each of these sectors operate. The result: a specialized group of consultants able to provide personalized attention to each client’s specific needs.

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