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Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG)

The Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG) coordinates American Samoa’s coral reef management efforts and activities. Member agencies work together towards mutual consensus to manage coral reefs with the vision “to protect and conserve reefs for the benefit of the people of American Samoa, the United States, and the world.”  The CRAG member agencies are:

·         Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR),


·         Department of Commerce (DOC; including AS Coastal Management Program & National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa),


·         American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),


·         American Samoa Community College (ASCC),


·         National Park of American Samoa (NPSA).


 CRAG works toward this vision by developing strategies and implementing actions to address various areas of coral reef conservation through education and outreach, policy and enforcement, to scientific research and monitoring. CRAG implements its coral reef management actions and efforts via four Local Action Strategies (LAS). LASs are a U.S. Coral Reef Task Force-led initiative designed to identify and implement actions aimed at reducing key coral reef resource threats in U.S. coral reef jurisdictions. LAS development is a locally driven process, involving collaborative and cooperative action among Federal and Territorial partners. American Samoa has four active LASs including:

·         Fisheries Management,


·         Climate Change,


·         Land-Based Sources of Pollution,


·         Population Pressure


Each LAS is managed by a dedicated working group made of various government agency members and non-governmental organizations, and is coordinated by CRAG.

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