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Wildlands Studies


Wildlands Studies field projects provide students with the opportunity to join backcountry study teams as working field associates, studying environmental impact assessment, environmental policy, geologic, climatic and topographic factors that support various habitats, and the relationships between environments and culture.  Most participants are undergraduates who join us on site from all over North America and Canada.  The field courses accept 8-16 participants and earn 5-15 upper division quarter credit.  Wildlands Studies offers 15-18 field courses per year studying wildlife &/or wildland environmental study topics emphasizing hands-on learning & onsite explorations of pressing environmental issues; courses run 2-6 weeks year-round throughout North America, Asia, Central & South America, South Africa & other locales.  This year students study wolf populations, wildlife corridors, mountain wildlife ecology, ecosystem dynamics, conservation biology, forest resource management, cultural sustainability, coastal ecosystems.  Please view our website:

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