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The Macaw Society


The Macaw Society (previously known as the Tambopata Macaw Project) is a long-term research study of the ecology and conservation of macaws and parrots lead by Dr. Donald J. Brightsmith and Dr. Gabriela Vigo-Trauco of the Schubot Center for Avian Health at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS). It started in 1999 in Tambopata, Peru and has expanded to Costa Rica and other areas in the Americas. Its mission is to collect scientific information that produces clear documentation of the natural history, ecology, and conservation of parrots and macaws in the Neotropics and make it available to scientists, researchers, and the public. Its vision is to efficiently use our findings to direct the conservation of parrots and macaws in Peru and other areas where psittacines are declining and at risk of extinction as well as to establish new research and conservation alliances in the Americas and beyond.


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