Lead Instructor, Marine Ecology and Island Biogeography of Cuba

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Lead Instructor, Marine Ecology and Island Biogeography of Cuba


Renowned for its accredited researched-based undergraduate field programs, Wildlands Studies seeks a Lead Instructor for our field program in Cuba. Students consistently report that their Wildlands Studies experience added depth and meaning to their on-campus classwork and “changed their lives”. Wildlands Studies instructors enhance their own credentials with unique opportunities to teach in the field while engaging students in active research.

The Lead Instructor will direct students on academically rigorous, wilderness-based six-week field study to explore habitats and cultures of Cuba for sessions in spring 2018, with the possibility of repeating the class in the 2018 - 2019 academic year. Students earn 15 quarter credits for three field classes covering Environmental Studies, Field Research Practices, and Environment and Culture. Lead Instructor is responsible for on-going seminars, lectures, instruction, guided field work and field methods, and assessment of all student work, as well as group dynamics and the overall well-being of participants. Compensation competitive.


Knowledge and experience of field study in Cuba required. Applicants must have graduate degree in hand. A qualified Lead Instructor will have experience leading field study projects, preferably in Cuba, experience teaching at the undergraduate level, specifically upper division environmental studies classes; a good sense of humor, flexibility, patience, understanding and the know-how to work with and manage 16 students and the group dynamics that occur on a six-week field study.

Application Process

Review website and current course offerings to ensure understanding of program requirements. Submit CV, cover letter detailing experience with course topics/field study experience and brief initial course proposal.  WS staff will work with applicants on formal proposals.  Locations and projects that include wildlife study preferred.  Check http://www.wildlandsstudies.com for details.  Application materials to wildlands@wildlandsstudies.com.