Invited researchers on areas of Ecological Convention and International Cooperation

Seocheon=gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Depending on the contract (~$5,000 per month including tax)
Aug 22, 2017
Oct 21, 2017
Employment Type
Contract, Temporary / Seasonal
Salary Type

The NIE is currently seeking enthusiastic researchers who can work in collaboration with Korean researchers on areas of Ecological Conservation and International Cooperation. Successful candidates will carry out research in a collaborative environment, will be coordinated with ongoing team projects, and if possible, carry out their own independent research. In addition, they will be assigned to the Bureau of Ecological Research.

1. Position

Title/Position : Invited Research Associate / Invited Senior Researcher

Research Area : Ecological Conservation (Invasive Species, Ecological Modeling) / International Cooperation (International Environmental Convention, International Organization, International Cooperation Planning)

2. Task

○ The main tasks are as follow:

  • Conduct a seminar once a month based on the progress of the research applicable to the candidate’s research area
  • Publish a paper in their research area in a journal such as Scopus, SCIE, and SCI, within 3months after the contract termination

3. Competence

○ Professionalism: Comprehensive knowledge and experience regarding the candidate’s Research

○ Teamwork: Work collaboratively with Korean colleagues to achieve fruitful results in their research area

4. Required experience and qualifications

 - PhD in ecological conservation (e.g, Invasive Species, Ecological Modeling), International Cooperation, or related fields

○ The candidate will be required to meet the requirements for recruitment as a temporary employee, in accordance with the Institute’s internal regulations.

  • 『The regulation for the recruitment of temporary employee』

○ No conditions regarding nationality or age

○ Hiring preference for disabled candidates is applied

○ Preference given to candidates who can start work immediately

○ The business hour of NIE will be from 9am to 6pm (Mandatory).

5. Working Conditions

○ Workplace: The National Institute of Ecology (Songnae-ri, Maseo-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea).

○ Employment Duration: Depending on the contract (1 to 6months)

○ Salary and benefits:

- (Salary) Depending on the contract (~$5,000 per month including tax)

- (Round-trip air fares) Depending on the contract

- (Housing) provided

- (Leave) 1 day per month

- (Insurance) National pension, health, and occupational health

6. The selection process and notification of decision

A. Stage 1: The reviewing process

○ The candidate’s eligibility and the submitted documents will be reviewed.

○ Notification of decision: individually  

B. Stage 2: The interview ( can be through a video Internet system)

○ The Web interview schedule will be given to the successful candidates of Stage 1.

○ Notification of decision: The final decision will be given to the successful candidates individually.

7. How to apply

  • Send CV and cover letter to
  • Application period: From Aug. 23rd through Sept. 3rd

8. Additional items of note

  • Submitted materials will not be returned.
  • All information in the documents submitted should be factual.

    • If any information submitted during the application process is found to be inaccurate, the selected person may be subject to repercussions including removal from the position and denial to any right of objection.

  • The decision can be withdrawn if the requirements for the recruitment of a temporary employee are not fulfilled.
  • The successful candidates must comply with the internal regulation of NIE.
  • Contact methods including e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers, and home phone number are recommended to be included on the application form.
  • The Institute is not responsible for any disadvantages incurred when needed information is not included or is incorrect on the application form.
  • The schedule for this recruitment can be subject to change, and candidates will be notified of such changes no later than 3 days before the deadline of the application or selection process.

- If a suitable candidate is not found, the Institute may postpone the recruitment.

- For more information, please visit our website or contact hera by e-mail

at and at +82-41-950-5928 (Tel).