Conservation X Labs is hiring for the summer of 2017 (approximately late May – late August)! We are looking for exceptional, conservation-minded team-players to join our dynamic company and organization. The “X” in our name means “Exponential” -- our mission is to harness exponential technologiesopen innovation, and entrepreneurship to dramatically improve the efficacy, cost, speed, scale, and sustainability of conservation efforts to end human induced extinction. We are an optimistic, passionate, forward-looking, and mission-oriented start-up company set to transform the approaches to solving conservation problems. Conservation X Labs operates as both a 501c3 non-profit organization and a B-corporation.

We seek applicants who want to disrupt conservation to improve it. We are looking for those who have dared mighty things by trying a path that others have not chosen. We are looking for those who have failed, but have learned from failure and risk, and whose faces are marred by dust, sweat, and blood. We are looking for those who like to experiment, to make things, to hack things, to test things, and to break things (particularly dogmatic approaches to conservation). Finally, we are looking for people who will enthusiastically devote their intellectual and creative energy to advance our mission. This position is located in Washington, D.C.

Visit our website: for more information.


Roles and Responsibilities:

The ideal candidate is able to work on tasks related to multiple projects, has a demonstrated passion and experience for technological disruption, entrepreneurship, and open innovation -  as well as a desire for social impact around conservation science. Excellent communication, management, and writing skills are essential. The candidate will contribute to two key Conservation X Labs products– (1) the Oceans X Labs initiative an accelerator program for ocean conservation-themed companies (specifically aquaculture feed replacements) and (2) the Digital Makerspace, a mass collaboration and open innovation digital platform that sources and develops conservation technologies.  

In support of the Oceans X Labs digital accelerator, the fellow may assist with partner communication and identification, development of programming for start-up companies, and market research to understand the demand for products. In support of the Digital Makerspace, the fellow may assist with recruiting and outreach to key audiences and constituencies for the Makerspace, creating content for the site – including stories, discussion ideas, defining conservation challenges, and linking to outside sources, and supporting community management – including understanding and incentivizing collaborative behavior and encouraging site activity.

Other potential roles and responsibilities may include:

  • Developing other potential challenge areas, such as innovation around fishing gear, climate change, food and feed replacements, and data analytics and foresight for conservation.
  • Researching and refining the programming for the accelerator based on the needs of the incoming cohort; adapt the programming as needed based on regular communication with the cohort; organize programming events, including arranging for speakers, mentors, investors, etc;
  • Researching the markets and potential customers and applying this knowledge to the programming for the accelerator;
  • Developing (in cooperation with the rest of the team) and implementing tactical and strategic plans to build, motivate, encourage, and moderate online communities;
  • Creating methods to motivate, cultivate, and engage members, and increase membership;
  • Promoting the brand of Conservation X Labs through original digital content for the platform, for social media, and for other relevant media;
  • Working with the platform design and development team to adapt the digital platform based on user needs and feedback, and based on the needs of Conservation X Labs; and
  • Working closely with all team members in a fast-paced start-up environment.

Ideal Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, including with a focus on engineering, entrepreneurship, technology development, design, and behavioral sciences. 
  • Advanced degrees are welcome to apply and will be utilized. We are more interested in how you have applied your education to achieve similar roles and responsibilities, and your history of being creative, entrepreneurial, or multidisciplinary.
  • Demonstrated expertise in engaging and activating community groups, including experience identifying and empowering champions and advocates in communities.
  • Understanding or strong willingness to learn about technology development, transfer, and commercialization and support entrepreneurs in this process.
  • A demonstrated understanding or direct experience with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding programs.
  • Excellent storytelling skills and writing skills, with a keen attention to detail.
  • Fund-raising experience is a plus.
  • We are looking for a team player with a high degree of energy, team oriented, and who is hungry to learn.

Please send a cover letter, resume, and a short (less than a page) response to the following question: Describe how you would motivate and engage engineers (or non-conservation experts) to collaboratively work on multidisciplinary teams to solve conservation challenges? to with "Conservation Innovation Fellow application - Last Name, First Name" in the subject line.