Mixed Taxa Fieldwork - Marine Turtles and Forest Based Research

Interns have the opportunity to work for a Canadian non-profit, on a range of research projects, including marine turtles, neo-tropical river otters, great green macaws, caimans, snakes, large mammals, shorebirds and tent-making bats.

All training is provided, and all research is conducted under permits from the Ministry for the Environment.

* Interns need to commit for a minimum of 6 weeks - a longer stay is preferable. Volunteers can be here for a minimum stay of 2 weeks

* you will be trained in all you need to know to complete the survey work

* you need to have good physical fitness, and be able to work long-hours in difficult conditions. Surveys are done day and night so your schedule will vary

* Short term visitors pay $275 per week, long-term volunteers (those who stay for 4 weeks or longer), and Interns, participate at the reduced weekly rate of $225 . This will cover food, accommodations and training, as well as pre-arrival support.

* as a communal living situation, you will be sharing your dorm room with up to 5 other people, and will be sharing  cleaning responsibilities

* we will send you information to assist your in-country travel, but you will need to make your own travel arrangements

* Everyone is scheduled one full day off per week

* We hold individual meetings with interns once a week, to set goals and provide feedback, to ensure that interns meet personal and professional objectives

* Interns need to be studying, or have graduated from a course relevant to conservation