Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Contact: Elzaan Jansen van Vuuren

Les Augres Manor
La Profonde Rue
Jersey, Channel Islands
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Tel: 1534860000

About Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is an international charity, founded way back in 1959, by the celebrated author and naturalist Gerald Durrell. We are committed to saving some of the most vulnerable animals on the planet from the very real risk of extinction. We don't want that to happen (obviously), just the same as you, and are seriously passionate in our efforts to prevent it. Extinction is never inevitable, and our results are testament that. Working against the odds, even with species actually thought extinct (see Madagascar pochard and pygmy hog), we've brought back species from the brink of disaster, and continue to do so. For more information on our impacts, please visit www.durrell.org. 

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